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The Virbank Genetic Core (VGC for short) is a research facility in Virbank City that specializes in genetic experimentation. It is famous for being the birthplace of Chelsea the Goodrevoir, who also owns the place.

It will debut in the RP Project Gamma-304.

Genetic ExperimentsEdit

Over the history of Paigelena's time RPing, even before the Pokecrew, several of her OCs were stated to have been gentically engineered there. The following is a list of OCs that were created there, some are to debut in Project Gamma-304 and others will return after a long hiatus.

  • Ariadne the Ariados (Returning)
  • Myra the Alakazam (Debut)
  • Chelsea the Goodevoir
  • Yuki the Froslass (Debut)
  • Hereca (Fakemon) 
  • Kid Moe the Hitmonchan (Returning) 
  • Gamma-304 (Unknown)


The VGC is designed in a way that reflects the traditionalist designs of Virbank City before Pokestar Studios arrived and it appears to look like a church from the outside. The building is six stories in height with one hidden floor deep below the ground.

Only when you enter can you appreciate the time and effort that Chelsea and all of her workers have put into the design and contrast of the interior to the exterior. In other words, the interior is futuristic and is full of technology that was developed exclusively for them by Sliph Co. Each floor has two research rooms, 16 holding cells for experiments and the third floor has the lunchroom. Chelsea's office is on the 6th floor and she has a great view of the Virbank Outdoor Concert Arena from there, where she'll witness Paige doing her second to last ever concert.

Deep below the ground is a secret floor where Project Gamma-304 is being worked upon. It is unknown how it is being created at this present time but it is implied that Chelsea is using herself as a test subject.

The way to get to the secret floor is known only to the workers there, Chelsea and Vanessa.

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