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Summary Edit

Teddy's Journal is an RP that was participated in by Paigelena, HeroBlast and Laki. It marked the debut of K and introduced Serena the Staraptor in a minor role.

It bought about a change in Paige as she took a villainous stance for awhile as she took an unhealthy obsession with Teddy Ursa. It didn't last long though as she amended her ways when her suit was upgraded and reshaped

Teddy is on edge of how to stop Paige as he had been friends with her since he was 12. She had gone obsessive on him after he denies a relationship with her in previous RPs, she even forces him into a kiss at one point and, while he was unconscious, sleeps with him. She made sure to allow Teddy to feel the pain of the act when he awoke. Paige attacks the Fortress of Light to try and capture or harm Teddy, in which she succeeds by stealing his journal, which contained detailed weaknesses of his team, allies, and foes, terrifying doomsday weapons, and knowledge of legendary Pokemon. Teddy was then forced into slavery under Paige, where she reveals an entire home that is dedicated to her obsession for him at the Lake of Rage, even to the extent of locking him in a room of Teddy Ursa dolls. At the climax, Teddy is forced into a near-identical suit created just for him, with a couple of tweaks to make sure that Teddy is weaker than Paige. Paige then is nearly totally destroyed by The Swarm, which emerged from Teddy when she powered his suit up. Only after The Swarm recogized that Teddy and Dodeca are to be together, it retreated. Paige's suit is upgraded giving her sanity back and also a large defensive boost in exchange for a large offensive drop. She accepts Teddy's relationship with Dodeca and removes his suit with the minimum of fuss, but she still retains some feelings for Teddy and she gains respect for Dodeca as well.

Aftermath Edit

Paige and her daughter, K, temporarily live in the Fortress of Light. Teddy and Dodeca destroy the journal to keep its secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

Unknown to all, Paige secretly copied the journal and is prepared to use the copied journal to make her fantasies come to life, setting the stage for a sequel. 

Trivia Edit

Interestingly, this is the one of only two RPs where Teddy mentions him possessing a Core This is similar to Master Core, it provided Teddy with power and had an exceptionally weaker version of the Swarm. It could be implied that he removed it in later RPs. The other RP where Teddy mentions his Core is Curse of the Darkness Plague.