This RP has yet to be started, so not much info is available yet. When it starts, more info will be added.

Swarma's Fate is the first of three RPs that will focus on Paigelena's OC Swarma and her struggle to decide whether to follow the path of Darkness or the path or Light.

This RP in the series will also show Ilia's challenge to become the Kalos Champion.

It has not been started yet as the RP Life of Ayane and Xander will have to be finished first.

Story ArcsEdit

This RP will have a couple of Arcs and they will be listed below.

  • Swarma's Kidnapping- At a double celebration of Swarma's 10th birthday and K and Caliburn's engagement, Swarma and Paige are kidnapped. Dodeca was forewarned by an Absol, but told not to interfere.
  • Ilia's Rise- Ilia prepares to try and win the Kalo's Championship. To get there, she'll have to beat 7 other trainers.
  • Swarma's Resistance- After her kidnapping, Swarma is trying to resist indoctrination by her captors. However, with the threat of Paige being executed, Swarma gives in.
  • Crisis at the Fortress of Light- Everyone realizes the issues that the kidnapping would cause to the Order. Without Paige, the laundry will never be done. Because of what has happened, everyone at the Order attempts to find out who kidnapped the two.
  • Paige's Betrayal- Paige is being tortured by one of her captors and ends up revealing loads of secrets about Dodeca and the Order. She even gives a copy of Teddy's Journal to her captors!