The Random Pokemon Crossover Role Play 2, or RPCRP2 for short, is a RP created by Laki. It's the sequel to RPCRP and features most, if not all of the returning characters, as well as several new ones. The RP lasted about two arcs before being discontinued due to Miiverse becoming unfit for group RPs. Timeline-wise, this RP takes place after Lives of Light.

Story ArcsEdit


The starting arc where most of the old gang reunite at Shiruru 's villa a year after their previous adventures. Eventually it comes to Pikachu and Kleat 's notice that an adnormality is occuring at sea, and it's soon discovered that the source of this is Kleat's old invention, the SUMRT. The group would then go to investigate before discovering that the device has gained intelligence of its own, now being a twisted menace that intends on destroying them.

Light City ArcEdit

Following the SUMTR mishap, a few members of the group express interest in Light City. Kleat concurs that it's been a while since he's made contact with the Order of Light and Usagi reveals that she's never even met them before, thus an impromptu trip to Light City is planned. A few antics ensue, icluding mishaps with an invention that inverts gravity, however, the real trouble begins once an outbreak of Doctor Mario-esque viruses hit the town.


RPCRP2 was cancelled mostly due to the absence of several key RPers, as well as the update that hit the main site that it was on, Miiverse. Group RPing became cumbersome due to the new restrictions and the RP went on hiatus before being cancelled officially in the following weeks. Its spiritual successor can be considered Kleat and Pikachu RP Thing, which features quite a few characters from this RP and picks up a few loose ends.


  • Ironically PTRPCRP2 had very little to do with RPCRP2, with the exception of the appearances of a few characters in this story.
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