This article is about the species. If you were looking for the OC that is of the species, see Possei.

Possei is a species of Fakemon made by Zoe.

It evolves from Kika and into Psyameso.

Biology Edit

Possei is playful and attentive. It uses its powerful psychic abilities to assist it in battle, although it often uses them for the fun of it too.

It is very rarely found in the wild, but it is occasionally found resting near water.

Pokedex Data Edit

Possei, the Psychic Cat Pokemon. These Pokemon have powerful psychic abilities that it uses both in battle and for fun. It is playful, and some Trainers may get impatient trying to raise it.

Origin Edit

It is based on a cat.

Possei is a shortening of Poseidon, the Greek god of the oceans.

Usage in the Pokecrew Edit

Zoe has an OC of this species.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only one of all of Zoe's Fakemon starters, including evolutions, to have never had a name change.