-A brief coverage of Arlos- Edit

Arlos is a small-ish region in the middle of the tropic sea. It is quite distant from many other regions but is known for it's trading industry. Arlos's seasonal weather changes often, some say it's due to the legendary Pokémon Flarery and Arcteagle with the help of Riddorock. Arlos's farming industry is one of its greatest assets as well as fashion. Arlos is said to have gained it's name from the legendry Fakemon Moodarlos who travels around PokeEarth, feeding off emotion and controlling it. The 3 starter Pokémon of Arlos are Platyl (water), Furfir (fire) and Stegra (grass) all waiting for those new trainers who want to travel or challenge Arlos's 8 gyms and therefore battle the Elite 4 and Arlos Champion.

Arlos's main characters Edit

In the game you have the choice of a male (Aidan) and female (Nadia) character, you will then be able to rename them if you want to however, the character you don't pick will be your sibling and they will have their original name. For example, if you pick Aidan and rename him then your sibling will still be Nadia. You character will have a best friend, his default name is Shawn but you can also change it.

In the RP world, Aidan and Nadia are still siblings. Aidan is a young scientist and wannabe trainer and Nadia is an average girl and is also a wannabe trainer. They are twins but Nadia was born 2 minutes before Aidan and is constantly rubbing it in his face. Aidan has a fear of sevipers after being attacked by one as a child and Nadia does not like Beedrill. Shawn is a year older than the twins so has some experience in Pokémon battling however he starts his journey at the same time as the twins in the game. In the RP world, he likes exploring strange and new places and is constantly looking for something exciting.

The Many Places of Arlos Edit

1 - Mainne City

2 - Tropa Woods

3 - Lake Fla

4 - Lake Wat

5 - Lake Gra

6 - Norma Town

7 - Qualock City

8 - Lurton City

9 - Flane Town

10 - Abandonne Town

11 - Montai City

12 - Capitole City

13 - Buisa City

14 - Flature Town

15 - Flature Nature Reserve

16 - Shipwreck Cove

17 - Elite 4 and Campion villas

18 - Cave of Change

19 - Cave of Reflection

20 - Cave of Challenge

21 - Flane Castle

22 - Jungle Tropadane

23 - Mt Tropada

24 - Isle de Flature

25 - Enterfir City

26 - Starown City

27 - Victory Trial

28 - Thermos Base

29 - Tropicana Desert

30 - Tropic Sea

31 - Etile Town

32 - Arlos Pokeball Factory

33 - Berry Farm

34 - Farming Estate

The Arlos gym leaders Edit

-Gym 1 - Norma Town Gym leader = Thomas (Normal)

-Gym 2 - Qualock City Gym leader = Gemma (Rock)

-Gym 3 - Montai City Gym leader = Borice (Ice)

-Gym 4 - Capitole City Gym leader = Buzz (Bug)

-Gym 5 - Enterfir City Gym leader = Marina (Water)

-Gym 7 - Flature Town Gym leader = Summer (Fire)

-Gym 8 - Lurton City Gym leader = Rose (Fairy)

The Arlos Elite 4 and champion Edit

- Elite 4 member Levi (Psychic)

- Elite 4 member Luna (Dark)

- Elite 4 member Mindy (Dragon) - Elite 4 member Jules (Electric)

- Arlos champion Malcolm (Fighting)

Pictures Edit

Elite 4 and champion

Here are the Arlos Elite 4 and champion.

Arlos gym leaders

Here are the Arlos gym leaders in a group photo.

Aiden, Nadia and Shawn

Here are the main characters in the game.

Arlos Map

This is a map of the Arlos region.

Arlos map update

This is a clear map of Arlos. There are numbers relateing the list of locations I have provided above.

Arlos Map key

This is a key relateing to the map of Arlos, I have tried to make it as clear as possible.

Starters in colour

These are the starter Fakémon of the Arlos region.

Starters in colour shiny forms

Here are the Arlos starter fakemon in shiny form.

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