This RP has yet to be started, so not much info is available yet. When it starts, more info will be added.

The Mirror World RP is an upcoming RP that will be created by Paigelena . It will be the sequel to the popular PokeRP Saga.

Paigelena's potential Story ArcsEdit

First Night- K is in her werewolf form and everybody must survive a night locked in the castle with her! As she looks almost identical to Soul , trouble will happen!

Phoeness Rising- Phoeness the Pachirisu is introduced and her motives are revealed.

Angelic Return- After Phoeness commits her first act of villainry, a well known OC returns and has to deal with Heart.

Reverse Saga- A rift causes the entire group to watch highlights of the previous RP!

War!- Self Explanatory. Phoeness signs a declaration of war against Heart!

What is it Good For?- Phoeness raises an army and begins to invade Heart's Castle! It is up to Heart, Aqua, Desire, Chiko and everyone else to stop her!

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