The Presidential Palace is the head of government's home in Sinnoh, and it is currently occupied by Mercedes Nyla. It is actually Mercedes's home in Jubilife but she is using it for political reasons as she is scared of being assassinated if she goes to the actual head of government building in Hearthome City.


As the name implies, it is designed like a palace and the building structure is similar to the Palace of Westminister in London, minus the large clock tower. It does take a cue from the US capitol building as it has a large dome in the centre where Mercedes has a spa room.


The place has many rooms that are used both for R&R and also for her work leading Sinnoh. The following is a list of the rooms that have been seen so far as well as rooms that are set to appear.

  • Spa Room
  • Presidential Office
  • Nuclear Fallout Shelter
  • Swimming Pool
  • Virtuoso Room
  • Gym
  • Private massage room
  • Mercedes's Bedchamber
  • Teddy Ursa's Room. 
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