Locke is a 21-year-old Furret created by Zoe.

Personality Edit

Locke is a shipper, and tends to annoy the other OCs with his ships between them and others. He often finds this hilarious. He is also extremely immature for his age.

Relationships Edit

He is friendly with Amber and Zorrsune, as well as the Weavile Twins. He has a crush on Chiko, and is bitter with Aqua as a result.

RP Appearances Edit

He appeared in BtP, visiting Shiru's villa and getting sent to the Minus World.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a ship list always on hand to jot down shippings. How he carries it around safely is unknown.
  • He formerly was a troll in Minecraft, sparking a semi-rivalry between him and Zorrsune due to the latter being his main target, but took interest in shipping and moved on.
  • He was based on a recurring Furret Laki used to complement Zorrsune's constant raging about being trolled.