Jojo is a trainer OC, and the current Tylia Champion, made by Zoe.

Personality Edit

She is an optimist, and what most people would find annoying she simply laughs off. She will fiercely defend her friends, however. She loves the Porygon evolutionary line because her mom was one of the people that upgraded Porygon2 to Porygon-Z.

Pokemon Edit

Her main Pokemon is a Porygon-Z. It is red-colored unlike most because it was re-programmed. It is slightly more powerful and versatile, but due to a bug it spazzes and faints if inflicted with a status condition.

She also has a Typlosion, Marshtomp, Turtwig, Emolga, and Chansey.

RP history Edit

She appeared in BtP, visiting Shiruru's villa, and also one of two OCs to not find herself in the Minus World (for unknown reasons), the other being Gihji. She might see use in RPCRP2, although it is not yet certain.

Trivia Edit

  • She does not like unnatural hair colors. This partly means she doesn't like Merlee that much.
  • Her Marshtomp debuted as a Mudkip and its evolution was never shown.
  • By the time Tylia is featured in RPs, Jojo will have become the champion of it as well. Her team is undecided save for her Porygon-Z.
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