Jana is a 22-year-old Minecraft Zombie OC made by Zoe.

Personality Edit

Jana is dim-witted and derpy, similar to Flamber. She tends to be lost in thought, even at the most inconvenient moments.

RP History Edit

She is set to appear in RPCRP2.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though she is Zoe's most-used Minecraft OC, she wasn't her first, Garnet was.
  • She has a running gag started where she makes an entrance driving a truck, this is in reference to Zoe's first ever OC, a Gastly. Before she even knew Laki, she had attempted to make the Gastly drive a truck as a joke, but the other RPers decided to make it a Steelix that the Gastly thought was a truck.
  • She lived in the Minecraft Far Lands (an area at the edge of the world) before they were removed. When she is lost in thought, chances are she's thinking about them.