Destiny and Spirit are twin shiny (or half-shiny in Spirit's case) Weavile OCs made by Zoe. They are 18.

Personality Edit

Destiny and Spirit are extremely close to one another. Never will you see one without the other. They are pretty cheerful, but Destiny can be rather sarcastic and Spirit can be a bit too idealistic.

RP History Edit

They are set to appear in RPCRP2 along with Zoe's other OCs.

They appeared in BtP.

Trivia Edit

  • Destiny and Spirit have undergone a lot of changes. They had an unusual fear of Xatu, Spirit was ruder, and Spirit refused to evolve until later.
  • Originally they looked identical, but Spirit was made shorter and given normal-colored head feathers and gem in contrast with her otherwise shiny appearance so that they could be told apart.
  • Destiny and Spirit were the first of Zoe's current OCs to be created.
    • In spite of this, they never appear with an active role.
  • They are Gemini, born on May 21. This was done on purpose, as Gemini means 'the twins'.