Couriway Forest is a location about 14 miles to the west of Couriway Town. It is notable for being the birthplace of K and also where Paige's family live.

Design and BiologyEdit

It is very similar to a normal forest except for the strange amount of floating leaves around the place, highlighting the large number of Psychic Type pokemon that live in the area.

All of the trees are evergreen, meaning that the leaves remain green all year round and this means that it is a very warm but rainy forest in summer and very mild and dry in Winter. It is not possible for it to snow in the forest as there is a Psychic barrier that prevents snow from landing. It can't do anything to stop rain, however. The Forest receives no rain during December and January but it has torrential rain in Summer because of the fact that the area has the monsoon season.

Notable InhabitantsEdit

In the forest is Paige's family, who has pretty much disowned her. They still welcome her back there, however. Also, it is the home of Myra the Alakazam's children and Grandchildren, who are not aware that she is in the Virbank Genetic Core.

Surrounding AreaEdit

Couriway Forest is near a large flat top mountain which has a large mansion built on top of it that belongs to Paige. Also nearby is a large lake, where emotions, willpower and knowledge are drained. The inhabitants of the lake are unknown as of K's Backstory.

There is a complex series of tunnels below the forest and the mountain that are a secret home for refugee pokemon. The pokemon here were forced due to the loss of their natural habitats.

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