Claus Richard Hasion is an OC made by Radicus who serves as an apprentice in the Order of Light. Claus first appeared in DLQ, where he almost immediately gained a temporarily central role within the RP.

Overview Edit

Claus is a headstrong, and sometimes stubborn, teen who isn't easily daunted, a sharp contrast with his twin brother Lucas. Claus is extremely bold, which can be both advantageous and bothersome to his allies. He tends to take on most any challenge, almost never backing down from a threat. Claus enjoys pulling pranks and poking fun at his friends on many occasions.

Relationships Edit

Claus, although rather independent, has a strong bond with his brother Lucas and their parents. Claus' reckless personality helps to balance out Lucas' reluctant and nervous nature, and vice versa. Claus tends to enjoy messing with Lucas a bit, but the two still maintain a close relationship.

RP HistoryEdit

Claus first appears in DLQ when he secretly stows away with Merlee and Rhodium, and ends up temporarily traveling with them on their journey. He catches an Aurock on his trip, and gets to know the two lovers as they travel around Darius. Claus is then returned to his hometown when the two others convince him to go back to his family. Claus is next mentioned by Lucas during the scavenger hunt, but isn't physically present until the Gym Leader Tournament, as he was sick. There, he, along with Lucas, are temporarily trapped in a castle. Claus decides to take on Team Dark's leader with a steak knife in an attempt to free Paleoglyth, where he comically wins a following knife fight by falling down and tripping his foe over the side of a building. Claus is then reunited with the others, where he proudly announces that he 'defeated' a Team Dark member.

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Trivia Edit

  • Both Claus and Lucas' namesake and personality, among other things, are heavily influenced by the twin characters from the Japan-only GBA game Mother 3.
  • Claus greatly enjoys munching on Pop-Tarts.
  • Claus' canon age changed from nine to twelve near the beginning of his use for various reasons.
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