The Anistar Opera House is a bulding in Anistar City that is often used for performances. It is the source of Paige's employment as she works there as a singer.


It is identical in apperencee to Sydney Opera House but is larger than the real world equivalent. 


It first appeared in an unnamed RP where Shade took Teddy there to build their relationship after Shade entered Vanessa's Polygamic marriage scheme. It allowed them to really get close, and for Shade to develop maternal feelings for Teddy, something that she still has to this day. Paige was singing during this time and it is a very rare time where Vanessa applauds Paige for doing something.

It has made minor appearances since then and is where several OCs like Helena and Shade were first met. It remains a meeting place outside of the Fortress of Light that an apprentice can go to to meet a Kalos ally who doesn't know where the Fortress is.

It made a small appearence in Order of Darkness when Vanessa and Mercedes went to see a Paige opera. The trip went without incident.

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