Abby Komori is an OC created by Abby. She doesn't have any Pokemon, but she feels she doesn't need them anyway.


Abby has spiky brown pigtails with a heart hairpin in it along with a ruffled tank top and jean shorts and ruby red eyes. While having boys fight over her a lot, Abby is a chipper, friendly girl who can be outgoing or shy- depends on the situation she's in.

RP HistoryEdit

Abby has been in various RP chatrooms, while being Abby's main OC.


Abby is best friends with Mimi, Maya, and possibly Natasha, another OC that is the daughter of a samurai. No one can be sure if she has a true "boyfriend" or not, but the one people suspect most is James. In Abby Komori's first RP, she was experiencing prophetic dreams from Dimentio, whose intention was to make her his queen of all worlds. Since then, he has been trying to get her attention. She also has a sister named Yui Komori.


  • She is strikingly similar to Abby in RPCRP.
  • Her favorite food is anything sweet.
  • Her birthday is December 12, yet another similarity to RPCRP Abby.
  • She may appear in RPCRP2, meeting the other Abby in the process.