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Summary Edit

A Mini Madness is a minor RP introducing a new character by Adrian, Minnie Madict. Minnie had been stealing artifacts from various places, all related to Teddy due to her obsession in him. Teddy and Kian announce a contest to try to lure out the theif, and on the same day, Teddy helps Kian find clues to the disappearance of Kian's mentor, Arty Cull. They see Xy's Gardevoir, who had revealed that Arty had been assassinated to insure the reputation of Xy Industries, who had involvement with Team Xy. After Minnie wins the contest by fixing it, Teddy has a dinner with her and finds her collection. He is then captured, along with Kian. Teddy then fakes Stockholm Syndrome, a state where the captive falls in love with the captor, and frees himself and Kian. The police then arrive to take accounts and arrest Minnie, but Vanessa intervenes.

Aftermath Edit

Teddy and Kian form friendly bonds and Minnie is rescued by Vanessa, marking her joining the Order of Darkness.